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"We can’t hide her forever," Ed whispered.
"It isn’t forever," Onyx whispered back, "It’s just until Louis’s alone and we can bring him to her."
"Don’t you think they’ll ask questions?"
"And Luna already agreed to lie for us. She won’t mention us. She’ll say it was some glory seeking Spirit user."
The two Spirit users sighed at each other. “Fine.”
They both sat down in the suite not aware of the ex-Strigoi silently leaving her suite. She wasn’t worried about being noticed since she’d dyed her hair brown, but she was worried about Louis. She had to find him before he did something drastic. She walked silently through the halls, keeping herself tucked into herself, searching for some clue of where Louis was.

Rescue || Drabble

Onyx had planned all of this. She owed this to Louis. She owed everything to him. She’d forced him to be a Strigoi with her. She had forced him to become a monster and he stuck beside her until she was reverted. She had allowed him to get to Luna. And she had made sure that he was restored.

"Do you know what your husband and my boyfriend would do if they found out we were doing this?" Ed asked.

"Then don’t do it, Eddie, if you’re that worried. But, I owe my cousin this. I owe Louis my life. The least I can do is bring back the love of his life. I got my happily ever after and Louis deserves his. Seeing him so broken isn’t okay, Eddie. It isn’t. And he wouldn’t let me suffer this way." she said, choked up.

"How do you know she’ll even be where you think she is?" he said, conceding.

"Because, Strigoi don’t move easily. Not those in power. When they have what they want they’ll do anything to keep it. When I was a Strigoi all I wanted to do was keep everything that I could take. Anything that I saw and thought I conquered. All the other Strigoi I met were the same way. They only abandoned when they had to. Luna will be there in that mansion because it is her castle."

Ed sighed, “Fine. We’ll do this.”

She grinned and hugged him.

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Onyx thought of the note she had left just in case something were to happen to her tonight. She had to get home to Harry and her kids. There was no other way. She couldn’t hurt her family like that.

Ed sighed, this was a death wish. He knew, they both knew it. Unless Luna was stupid they weren’t going to get through this.

They hurried through the tunnels, Onyx surprised that they hadn’t encountered any Strigoi. But, that was until she smelled it. Blood. A lot of it. And it was old. Ed and Onyx shared a look.

"They’re probably not here." he whispered.

"We have to make sure." she replied, just as quietly.

They made their way into the mansion. It looked abadoned and the smell of blood just grew as they walked through. Onyx gagged, the smell of old blood both pleasant and unpleasant to the sensitive Moroi nose.

Ed didn’t like this, not one bit. Something was deadly wrong with this picture. Why would the Strigoi abandon this place so thoroughly? They would have sold the property, not kept it. This had been Louis and Onyx’s empire. They would have kept it this way. Either the Strigoi had fallen apart or they were lying in wait to attack them.

Onyx cried out as she tripped over a body. She covered her mouth before she screamed, having fallen on top of another body with its neck ripped out. Ed’s eyes were wide as he looked at all the bodies, some human, but most…most Strigoi. What could have caused such a blood bath. He helped Onyx up and Onyx could see for herself.

"Inner fighting." she mumbled, "It happens. Big fight between Strigoi who consider themselves alphas. But, I’ve never seen it in this magnitude."

"Come on," Ed said, that feeling in his gut telling him that was anything except the right answer.

They continued their search and the deeper they got into the mansion the more bodies they found. No one had survived this battle. Or so they thought.

Onyx caught sight of her first. She was bone thin, nothing like the strong Strigoi they had last seen. She was chained to the wall. Silver shackles. She remembered them, they were something only the human servants could touch.

"Luna?" Onyx called out, hoping they weren’t too late.

A feral snarl came from the figure. She looked up at them with what strength she had left. Her eyes were rimmed with red, glowing in the darkness.

"Staking her will kill her, Onyx." Ed said, not knowing how long Luna had been there, but knowing that she was close to death.

"Then it’s a risk we have to take. She’s weak enough for us to handle her right now."

He sighed, nodding.

Luna had been there four days without a drop of blood. She was shocked she was even still alive. The days events still alive in her mind. The way they had turned against each other. Those loyal to both sides, fighting to the death. The Strigoi pinning her to the wall while the humans had put cuffs on her.

Onyx moved forward gripping her stake. She moved to push it into Luna’s chest and screamed as Luna bit into her. She managed to yank away, holding her neck as blood poured from the wound. Ed moved forward while Luna was distracted and drove his stake through her.

She screamed and Ed and Onyx stared as their magic worked through her. Ed collapsed, exhausted and Onyx ripped her shirt and tied the fabric around her neck to stop the bleeding. She quickly undid the cuffs holding Luna up and pulled her close. Luna sat in Onyx’s arms, silently staring out.

Onyx called for back up and within the hour the room was covered in guardians.

Page Break

Luna hadn’t said a thing since they got onto the plane. She spent the three days before in the hospital and had told Onyx and Ed everything, sobbing as she went. Her depression was eating away at her. Her entire world seeming a distant memory. But, soon she would face the ones who knew her.


If I look back, I am doomed, Dany told herself. But how could she not look back — I should have seen it coming. Was I so blind, or did I close my eyes willfully, so I would not have to see the price of power.


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